Gannon Maintenance Spring Report

The winter was not kind to the North Shore. Ice damage is the major culprit of what you can see on the fairways and greens. We have just completed the fist step in the process of getting the course back into condition. Our greens have now been aerified, verticut and dimple seeded. We have also fertilized, broadcast seeded, top dressed and rolled the entirety of the greens. We will continue to seed the greens every 2 weeks until they are completely filled. The fairways and aprons have also been aerated with the tees to be done next week. With warmer temperatures we should be seeing visible improvement on a weekly basis.

The winter cleanup process is also continuing in conjunction with new projects for the season. GFMI has invested over $300,000 on new maintenance equipment which will improve the reliability of all maintenance practices. This also allows for new projects take place. We have already begun renovating all of our bunkers with new sand and sod. Our goal is to also provide players with flatter bunker bases. We have already completed this process on the 1st Hole fairway bunker. Cart path extensions on #1 & #5 are currently being completed. This process consist of removing top soil, laying down stone dust and then a stone pack to finish them off. One of the benefits to this new extension is that it should help the fairways with compaction.


Steve Murphy