Golf Shop Update – May 11, 2020

Good Morning,

WOW….this has been quite an interesting first few days.  I don’t feel as though I can adequately explain what these first 4 days have been like.  All I will say is that it is great to be back.

On Thursday I sent out the guidelines under which the city/state are allowing us to operate.  This is the link to these guidelines:

Based on my many conversations, I urge everyone to that a look at these again.  Please understand that we are following and enforcing these so that this facility can remain open.  As this set of standards is a lot to digest, here are a few of the things that you really need to know:

  1. Everyone must abide by all of the current social distancing policies; masks are required when distancing is not possible and gatherings of more than 5 are not permitted.
  2. The clubhouse is closed. We cannot let you in.
  3. Golf Carts are not allowed for the time being. There was an adjustment sent out this (Sunday) morning.  We are currently working with the city to receive clarification and final approval to implement.  This could change at a moment’s notice and we will keep you informed.
  4. Tee times are 15 minutes apart

So…how do we get by for the time being?  The answer is: the best way we can.  Until these guidelines are adjusted we are going to have to walk (literally) before we can run (or ride).

Here is what you can do:

  1. As a member of the club, you can book tee times 3 days in advance.  For example: You can call on Monday for a Thursday tee time.   As there is no access to the clubhouse, all tee times are being taken over the phone.   Please note that if you have a non-member in your group you will need to pay for that individual at that time.


  1. Weekend tee times for May 16th & 17th. We are going to continue 1 more weekend of making your own groups and tee times.  Saturday’s tee sheet will be available on Wednesday and Sunday’s tee sheet will be available on Thursday beginning at 7 AM in the morning.  Please call the golf shop at 781-592-8238.  If you do not have a group, reach out to your regular group leader and they will assist you:
    1. Valley Rats – Al McCarthy
    2. McKee Group – Dennis McKee
    3. Ladies Group – Janet Wallace
    4. 0 – 15 Group – Stan Glowacz
    5. Blue Moon Group – Ted Carritte


  1. Weekend tee times for May 23rd & 24th (provided there is no change to the current guidelines) will be returning to regular groups but with a twist. ALL GROUP SIGN UPS WILL BE DONE THROUGH THE WEBSITE.  The Golf Shop will not be accepting phone calls.  Again, please utilize your group leaders if you are having trouble. 

I want to thank everyone for their patience during these times.  It seems as though this situation will be very fluid.  We will act as quickly as possible to stay up with the current standards.  As long as we can all work together, I am sure we will get through this.