Inner Club History

The Men’s and Women’s Inner Clubs Gannon’s Inner Club programs date back to the 1950s for the men and the 1980s for the women, both groups are designed to give dues-paying members an organization which fulfills the players’ tournament needs. The president of the two groups, Jason Newhall and Deb Murphy, are members of the seven-person Gannon Building Association (GBA) which oversees the business and activities of the clubhouse. Tidmarsh, former President and Gannon member for 20 years, calls the Inner Club “a great system for keeping the golf membership organized while steering clear of the public golf business, which is also important to the success of the course.” The men’s Inner Club members 450 and offers four different playing opportunities for members. The McKee Group typically plays between 6:30 and 8 a.m. on weekends and holidays, The Zero to 15 group is for low handicappers and the Blue Moon Group plays late mornings. The Merry-Mac Group usually performs dew-sweeping duties. “Our group concept allows members to schedule their golf based on when they want to play. It’s a nice system,” said Tidmarsh. “Best of all, this system gives all our members a chance to play with different players every week and everyone always has a good time, win or lose.” “The same is true for the girls. We’re all friends, all 80 of us, and we can’t wait to get together at the golf course. We love to compete against each other, share some laughs, some stories, socialize before and after, and sometimes play with our husband and boyfriends.”, from 20 year member & former Ladies Inner Club President, Joyce Agganis. Agganis, second cousin of the immortal Harry Agganis, credit head pro Mike Foster and the men’s Inner Club for their unwavering support of the women’s division. “We’re one big happy family at Gannon,” she said. “The men, women, juniors and seniors. Mike has always been an advocate for women’s golf at Gannon and played a big role in getting the president of the women’s Inner Club on the Gannon Building Association. “One of the biggest events of the season is the Mixed Classic on Labor Day weekend. The men and the women. We have dance party after we play.” Agganis had been especially pleased to be a member of the GBA. “It’s been a terrific learning experience – the six men and myself,” she said. “They sit up and take notice when I speak and I learned very quickly how much work this volunteer group does behind the scenes week after week to make sure the course and clubhouse are managed properly.”